July Promotions


Advanced Skin Care is excited to share our July specials with you. We look forward to seeing you this month.


Big Bang Package! The Face Lift Alternative With the purchase of 6 Micro Needling treatments receive a Neocutis Post Care Kit. These products will help strengthen, firm, and tighten your skin along with your treatments. Surprisingly a little package will bring a big bang. Book your treatments today call 770-771-5155


Savings of $349.00 Purchase of package is required for July special.


Quick Note from Sandra:

Being able to spend time in the office this last month has been wonderful. I want to thank all of my clients for your continued understanding and support. I am feeling stronger as the weeks go by and look forward to spending more and more time in the office.

Kristi, Tracey and Candice continue to share with me how your treatments have been going. These aestheticians are truly everything Advanced Skin Care is about. I remain committed to helping you love your skin and have been honored that you have trusted in the amazing hands at Advanced Skin Care. It is a blessing to have such a dedicated team. I look forward to seeing each of you as you come in. I am always available for any questions you may have.

Hydra Facial Special

This resurfacing procedure thoroughly enhances the skin using a patented Technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate simultaneously. This treatment is good for facial rejuvenation, the HydraFacial is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no downtime.

The HydraFacial is not just a quick-fix procedure - it helps improve the quality of the skin, giving you

beautiful, healthy skin....

$125.00 per treatment for the month of July (Save 25.00 per treatment)

Save on these Great Products in July!

VIVITÉ Daily Facial Cleanser is a multipurpose formulation mild enough for regular use. It helps loosen surface oil and other impurities, gently helps exfoliate, and applies proven anti-irritants and rich humectants for fresh, moist skin. Contains a 12% glycolic compound. This retexturizing cleanser can be used morning and night.

July Sale Price $18.75

The VIVITÉ Night Renewal Cream is an extra-rich formulation that promotes overnight maintenance and repair of skin tissues. It contains 20% glycolic compound as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The Vivite Night Renewal Cream also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), an advanced antioxidant for effective topical protection against scavenging free radicals.

July Sale Price $51.75

VIVITÉ replenish hydrating cream helps restore skin suppleness and smoothness with a superhydrating non-glycolic formulation. Helps calm and soothe sensitive skin. Exfoliates, hydrates and protects the skin. Protects the skin from future skin damage. This product can help your make up look flawless.

July Sale Price $37.50