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EXILIS - An FDA approved treatment that offers a non-surgical solution using radio frequency (RF) energy for fat reduction and skin tightening anywhere on the face and body. During the session, the Exilis computer-controlled device is guided over the treatment area. Patients feel a warming sensation as the energy is delivered to the deeper layers of skin.

The ability to focus the energy on specific areas at the targeted depth of penetration makes Exilis a highly effective aesthetic solution. The device engages the cooling system to heat deep tissue as it is constantly monitoring the skin’s temperature facilitating a comfortable, even treatment. To favorably influence the upper skin layers, only controlled heating is engaged to redefine loose skin and smooth wrinkles. The treatment concentrates on two specific areas:

Skin Tightening - The laser stimulates and strengthens the collagen network which improves skin laxity and texture.

Body Contouring - Exilis is one of the first systems to promise actual circumferential reduction. By combining RF energy with cooling, we can treat all areas of the body where stubborn fatty deposits persist or tighter, firmer skin is desired.

The recommended course of treatment is generally four to six sessions, one every two weeks. You can have additional treatments if desired. Patients show persistent results at least six months after the Exilis treatment.

Why choose Exilis Therapy over other procedures?

Our patients love it because skin-tightening and body shaping with Exilis means:
NO downtime, NO pain due to controlled, gradual heating
NO anesthesia, NO numbing creams and NO after care
Reasonably quick treatment sessions
Progressive results that last
Treats all areas of the face and body
Best results after only 4 sessions
Scientifically proven and clinically tested worldwide
How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments for you depends on the condition and the area to be treated as well as your desired results. During your consultation, we will advise you as to the number and frequency of treatments that are recommended to achieve your desired results. Keep in mind that the results from Exilis Therapy are gradual and may take from 3-6 months to maximize the effects of the treatment.

What can I expect after treatment?

After our skincare specialist performs Exilis Therapy you may notice some mild redness in the treatment area. This usually disappears in a few hours. You may resume normal activities immediately. Patients are also asked to increase water intake and to engage in light physical activity like walking to maximize cosmetic results.

Advanced Skin Care requires all medical procedures to be preformed at Advanced Aesthetic Surgery. Schedule your appointment for a consultation with Dr Thomas Lintner before your Exilis treatments begin.