We Do Waxing: At Advanced Skin Care we have tried to think of everything to help you achieve Beautiful, Healthy Skin... Hair removal has been something our clients have requested since we opened. You may be on medications that will prevent you from having a wax. Please advise your esthetician of any medications or recent sun exposure you have had.

Things that will help you have the best possible result :
Your hair must be at least ¼ in length for best results, do not use lotions or creams the day of appointment in the area to be waxed, and if you have a sunburn, please reschedule your appointment. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend taking a pain reliever such as Advil 45-minutes prior to appointment. PLEASE ADVISE YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER IF YOU HAVE USED RETIN A PRODUCTS, as this can result in lifting of the skin. Please advise Service Provider of any / all medications and products you are currently using as some medications can cause skin irritations.